Heart rate
Heart rate
The heart rate informs you what do your muscles, circulatory and nervous systems experience. You measure it to know, how the effort you make affects the efficiency increase . The amount of blood pomped by your heart during a workout, have to increase to be able to meet the needs of working muscles. It means, the more intensively you train, the higher your heart rate is.
Resting heart rate (HRrest)
is your heart rate when you are resting – sitting, lying.
It is a valuable index that allows you to measure changes of your cardiovascular efficiency.

Usually, RESTING HEART RATE is by 15-20 beats per minute lower than your daily heart rate
- when you are standing, walking.
the lowest registered HRrest is 28 beats per minute

To measure your resting heart rate, keep the record of the lowest heart rate measured in a 5 minute span for few days. You should do it as a first thing in the morning without getting up, slowly putting your heart rate monitor device and writing down the results.
is the highest number of your heart beats per minute. HRmax depends on the type of the sport/ activity. It is other for runners, swimmers, and for cyclists (these differences stem from the type of involved in the activity muscles, horizontal or vertical body position).
The way to calculate your maximum heart rate = 220 – age, although the most popular - it is a myth* and works only in some cases. Apart from setting heart rate zones, there are no other reasons to know its value, and even heart rate zones may be calculated in other way.

* Joe Friel, Total Heart Rate Training, translator Anna Halbersztat, Zielonka, 2010, page 35.

These factors influence your heart rate:

body temperature gravity position
warmth humidity equipment
technique caffeine drags
height above
sea level
emotions age
sex cadence day time
dehydration disease

more details on heart rates and myths about heart rate you may find in a JOE FRIEL's book „Training with heart rate monitor” a source of the above mentioned information
with heart rate monitor

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