Heart, is a sophisticated device with an incredible
ability to change. Its strength is amazing.

Your heart
when you exercise
Your heart
when you rest
Heart beats faster... it means it works faster. It pomps blood.
There are only two ways to increase the efficiency of a pomp:
pomp faster
without changing
a chamber
or increase the chamber size
to pomp more fluid
out of it
in a single
beat and the same
Endurance trainings are used in this second, much more efficient method.
The heart becomes bigger, and thus, able to provide more blood to all body muscules
in a single beat.

heart beats about 100,000 times a day pomping about 23 000 liters of blood that you have in your body about 4,5 liters, if you happened to see a tanker today, note that your body pomps out the contents of two such tankers in 1 day!
10 000 liters
10 000 liters

4,5 liters

When resting, the heart of a person who does not train may pomp about 55 mililiters of blood in a single beat, beating at 70 beats per minute. That is about 4 liters of blood per minute. If the same person goes in for endurance sport for 3 months, the heart at rest will beat about 55 times per minute, and its efficiency increase up to 70 milimeters in a single beat.

untrained heart
of blood
at 70 beats per minute
heart of the same person after 3 months of trainings
of blood
at 55 beats per minute

Heart beat rate of a sportsman is lower than of an average person.
Highly trained heart may beat 30 – 40 times per minute at rest.
low heart beat rate means high blood stroke volume of a heart and indicates increasing fitness.

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