Opening hours of Race Office

Race Office, where you will be able to pick up start packages and get detailed information about the competition, this year takes place at Polana Harcerza. Race Office will be open:

Friday – 8:00-20:00

Saturday – 7:00-20:00

Attention! After 20.00, Race Office will be open until the last waiting triathlonist!

Coming to Polana Harcerza (Race Office, Pasta Party, EXPO Zone)

Due to numerous questions about coming to Polana Harcerza, we present detailed descriptions:

Coming from the crossroad of Jana Pawła II and Baraniaka streets (Baraniaka tram stop).

You have to take the path along the lake, where on the right side you will see Baraniaka street (on the way, on the right side of the street: Honda Karlik -> Malta shopping center -> bridge connecting shopping center with paths of Malta (from now, you can not see the street) -> trees (on the left side you will still have the lake, along which you walk) -> Hotel HP Park Poznań) and we will come to the Wiankowa street. While you will be on Wiankowa street (extension of the path which leads along the lake), you should continue the walk on this street, on the right side passing by: luge track -> Malta Ski ski slope. We stop at the sight of the Malta Yacht Club Restaurant. On the right side of it, you will see the path, which you should take to get directly to the Polana Harcerza.

Coming from crossroads of Baraniaka, Chartowo and Dymka streets (Chartowo bus stop)

Looking from the city center at the crossing of Baraniaka into Dymka street and across the Chartowo street, on the left side there is a forest. There are two pathways. You can take the path, which starts across the Chartowo street and leads (while going straight) to Polana Harcerza by that forest. Another way is by the Baraniaka street, only 150 meters from the said crossroads (go 150 m along the Baraniaka street toward the center, heading from the crossroads). In this case, you should ake the forest path, which leads (going straight) to Polana Harcerza.

Buses for supporters and competitors on the route of Malta Lake - Libery Square

Due to numerous questions about rides for supporters and competitors, we have started special buses from the area of Transition Zone (Malta Lake) to the Finish Zone (Liberty Square). Additional transportation will go in both directions, every 30 minutes. From the beginning to the end of the competition.

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