Reminder of licenses for starting competitors in the European Championship

All competitors who take part in the European Championship must have a valid license of the country which they represent. It is crucial in order to be classified in the European Championship. Polish competitors will be able to buy a national license directly in the Race Office, on Friday from 16.00 to 20.00 and Saturday from 8.00 to 20.00. In addition, triathlonists can use online system to buy a license, which can be found at:

Parking for competitors

Officially parkings for competitors and supporters are located at the area of Termy Maltańskie and New ZOO. You have to remember, that access to them is from the Warszawska street and during the competition, there will not be the possibility of leaving the car park.

Wave Division and Start Times

Special call center for competitors and supporters

We have started a special call center for those, who are looking for information about Enea Challenge Poznań. From Saturday morning at number 691 562 957 you will get all the information on issues like:

- transportation changes,

- locations of zones,

- attractions.

Maratomania will capture struggles of triathletes!

Experienced sports photographers of, will capture your sports memories from the Enea Challenge Poznan 2016 Just a few days after the competition, all your photos will be available on the site This will allow a quick search of photographs by the starting numbers. We invite you to the fanpage, where you will be informed about the progress of work on photographs. For more information visit:

LIVE results with Enea Challenge Poznań at!

We remind you that thanks to the cooperation with our partner, you will have the ability to track LIVE relation competition in Poznań. In addition, all competitors will find there all the important information about the event and gain direct access to key information before the start.

pulsstory is not only thousands of new opportunities - not only in terms of direct information and communication of competitors in the cycle, but also the determination of your training goals, sharing results, printing certificates, etc.

Joining the Enea Tri Tour cloud ( is a necessary condition to be classified. If you have any problems with registration please contact us at:

Remember about the technical briefing!

FRIDAY 22.07.2016

19:00 – 20:00 technical briefing for the competitors of Enea Challenge Poznan at Olympic and sprint distances

SATURDAY 23.07.2016

15:00 – 16:00 technical briefing for the competitors of Enea Challenge Poznan: ETU European Championships at long distance and Enea Challenge Poznań at long and middle distances, also relays at middle distance.

The most important events of weekend competition:


- 14:00 – 16:30 – Enea Challenge KIDS Triathlon (Termy Maltańskie),

- 18:00 – 19:00 – Enea Challenge Woman’s Run and Enea Challenge Family Run (the Malta Lake).


- 8:00 – start of competitors at sprint distance (the Malta Lake),

- 9:00 – first competitor of sprint distance expected at the finish line (the Liberty Square),

- 10:00 – start of competitors at Olympic distance (the Malta Lake),

- 11:55 – first competitor of Olympic distance expected at the finish line (the Liberty Square),

- 13:30 – PRO conference before the European Championship (POSiR Malta, Wiankowa 3 street)

- 22:00 – Night Race by the Malta Lake.


- 7:00 – start of PRO competitors in the ETU European Triathlon Championship at long distance (the Malta Lake),

- 12:00 – start of competitors at middle distance (the Malta Lake),

- 14:35-15:00 – first competitor of European Championship expected at the finish line (the Liberty Square),

- 15:40-15:50 – first competitor of middle distance expected at the finish line (the Liberty Square),

- 20:30 – concert of Reni Jusis (the Liberty Square).

Detailed schedule of the competition can be found at:

Detailed schedule of the competition can be found at:

We are pleased to invite you to a series of trips for triathletes, organized by us and our partner, Dolomiti Adventure. Our autumn trips SPORT & ADVENTURE is a relax connected with a large dose of adrenaline, surrounded by the picturesque Garda Lake and in Sicily. Since February 2017 we start with the workouts camps supported by a professional coaching staff that will prepare you for the next season. We invite not only triathletes, but also families and friends, for whom there have been prepared a rich tourism and sports program. More details on the ENDU SHOP stand in the EXPO zone during the event starting on Friday.

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